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Improvements to the AP Stylebook website

We completely redesigned apstylebook.com in 2017, giving it a totally new look and feel and modernizing the behind-the-scenes functionality.

Updates to the website for all visitors include:

  • A new homepage with more useful information, including style tips, style quizzes and Stylebook events.
  • Responsive site design for smartphone, tablet and desktop displays.
  • An improved search function spanning the entire site, including the Help Center and product pages.

Stylebook customers will see:

  • Simplified product pages to help you figure out which product meets your needs.
  • Modernized e-commerce shopping cart and checkout including managing multiple payment and shipping profiles.
  • A new consolidated customer dashboard to keep track of all your purchases, subscription data and auto renewals.
  • A new approach to our help center to make it easier to get answers and live help.

Among the improvements for Stylebook subscribers are:

  • Improved search functionality, responding to user feedback on what you wanted most, including related search terms and results from Ask the Editor and Webster's New World College Dictionary.
  • Updated Stylebook Online entry design, showing subscribers more relevant content in a single display.
  • Integrated WYSIWYG editor for styling the text you add for custom entries and notes.

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Click on the "Help Center" in the top navigation for answers to questions about the website, products and more from our knowledge base. The Help Center provides access to our 24/7 customer service center with the ability to send emails for support or call 800-353-6798.

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