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I don't see StyleGuard in my Word ribbon after installing

For Mac users, StyleGuard will not appear within Word due to Apple development parameters. (We do not support StyleGuard for Outlook on the Mac.) Instead, it's a separate app that you can find in your Applications folder after installation. Once you have launched and activated StyleGuard on the Mac, keep it in your dock for easy access. To check a Word document, put your mouse cursor in the Word document that you want to proof and StyleGuard will provide the same style-checking as it does in Windows within the pop-up app window. You can find instructions on StyleGuard on the Mac usage under the installation and activation instructions on StyleGuard's website: https://styleguard.com/downloads/

For Windows users, please email support@styleguard.com to request the "Word add-in enabling instructions," and be sure to provide your activation code and Windows version.