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What AP Stylebook quizzes are available?

The Associated Press offers AP Style Quizzes to test your knowledge ofAP style and usage.

As a quiz subscriber you will have access to more than 90 multiple-choice quizzes compiled by Paula Froke and David Minthorn, one of the editors of the AP Stylebook.

Quiz topics include:

  • Spellings, possessive, subject-verb agreement
  • Prefixes, distance, brand names
  • Word choice, punctuation
  • Phrasing, abbreviations, titles, possessive
  • Apostrophes
  • Plurals
  • Travel topics
  • Science topics
  • Sports terms
  • Religion topics
  • Fashion topics
  • Military terms
  • and much more...

Subscribe to AP Style Quizzes for $6.95 a year and renewals are just $3.95/year.

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