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Can I continue to use my old Stylebook Mobile app?

We are no longer updating the AP Stylebook Mobile app and we recommend you use the mobile-friendly apstylebook.com on your smartphone’s web browser instead.

If you have a freestanding Stylebook Mobile app, which does not connect with a Stylebook Online account, you can continue to use that app indefinitely. You will not receive updates to the content so it will become more out of date as time passes, much like using an aging print Stylebook.

These Stylebook Mobile apps show the year they were released on the cover screen, so it might say AP Stylebook 2014, for example.

If you have our more recent Stylebook app, which requires a Stylebook Online username and password, you can continue to use the app as long as you have a current Stylebook Online account. However because we are not updating it, you might find it does not work well with your newer iOS.

You can log in to Stylebook Online on your phone’s web browser instead.

If you need AP Stylebook content on your phone and you don’t have reliable internet connectivity, you might consider the Stylebook e-book, available on Kindle.