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Can I use my FedEx or UPS Collect account to pay shipping?

Yes, college bookstores can use a FedEx or UPS Collect account for shipping costs. 

You can add your shipping account number to your APStylebook.com account by going to the My Settings page in the Account/Product Dashboard.

You will need to create a college bookstore account to get your wholesale rate and use your shipping account. 

Look for "Don't have an account yet?" on the right side of our new home page. If you don't have your reseller ID number handy, you can create your account and edit it later.

More information about creating your account is available here.

More information for college bookstores is available here.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact customer support via our online form, by email at help@apstylebook.com or call 1-800-353-6798.