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Problems submitting your order, including credit card getting rejected

If you are having a problem submitting your order, please check for these common issues:

  • Does your product appear in the shopping cart?
  • Did you choose a quantity for your product(s)?
  • Have you filled in the order form completely, including all parts of your billing address and your email address?
  • Is your credit card number typed in correctly? Often typos or missed digits cause problems.

If you see one of these problems with your order, simply back up and repeat the step. Go back to the product page, select a quantity and add it to your cart, or go back to the address and payment information and correct any errors. Then complete checkout and click submit.

If none of these issues is the problem, does your credit card have a spending limit that you are trying to exceed? We often see this with corporate customers trying to purchase a large subscription. If this is the problem, you can pay by check instead or see if you can increase the limit on your card.

If you still cannot get your order to submit, please contact customer support via our online form, by email at help@apstylebook.com or phone at 800-353-6798 for further assistance.