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Order placed at the wrong rate

If your order has been processed and a discount you should have received does not appear on your invoice, please contact customer support via our online form, by email at help@apstylebook.com or call 1-800-353-6798 for assistance.

We offer numerous discounts on AP Stylebook products, including discounts for AP members and members of trade organizations, such as ACES, PRSA, RTDNA, AAJA and SPJ, in addition to discounts when you renew a digital product or sign up for automatic renewal.

To ensure you get the appropriate discount on your orders, you need an account on APStylebook.com. This will allow you to enter your membership number, account number or reseller ID so we can quickly validate your qualification for the appropriate discount.

If you have already registered your account, you can go to your Account Settings to update or add any memberships.

NOTE: Having a subscription to an AP Stylebook product does not qualify you for the AP member discount. For more information on AP membership, please click here.