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Free trials

The best way to find out how useful a Stylebook digital subscription can be is to try it for yourself. 

We offer free 30-day trials of the following products:

  • AP Stylebook Online, our most popular product, this is the searchable, customizable version of the AP Stylebook. We will include access to Webster's New World College Dictionary, the official dictionary of the AP Stylebook.
  • AP Lingofy, style checking when you write and edit in your favorite browser.
  • AP StyleGuard, style checking as you write and edit in Microsoft Word or Outlook.
  • AP Style Quizzes, about 90 quizzes with automatic scoring to test your AP style knowledge.

At the end of your 30-day trial, we will ask you if you would like to continue your service so you can keep any of the custom entries you created on Stylebook Online or retain your record of which AP Style Quizzes you have already taken. We hope you will find the service valuable enough that you won't want to give up the help staying in style.

To request a free trial, please log in or create a customer account and go to the Manage Products section of the Account/Product Dashboard. Click the blue button to request a trial of any service you don't have.

We review each request manually so you will experience a brief delay while we get you set up. If we see that you have requested a trial in the past, our customer service team will follow up to see if there is additional information that would help you evaluate the service.