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My auto renewal doesn’t work

The most common reason automated orders fail is because the credit card is invalid. Have you canceled the card you had on file for your last order? Did it expire?

We have migrated our credit card processing to a new provider, Authorize.net, which allows us to offer customers the convenience of using e-check payments in addition to paying with credit cards. It is likely the card you had on file did not transfer when we moved to Authorize.net because: 1) It had expired, or 2) the enhanced AVS (Address Verification System) did not match your billing address and the card was rejected.

You can update your auto renewal details with a new card next time you buy a print Stylebook or renew your digital subscription. You can also manage your payment options on file via the "My Payment Data" page. If you would like to re-establish your auto renewal with one of your payment options on file, please contact tech@apstylebook.com to get that set up.